May is Posture Month – Join the Posture Revolution!

May is Posture Month – Join the Posture Revolution!

Here’s your chance to be one of the thousands of Pilates and other health/fitness pros promoting posture awareness.

Everyday mainstream media is talking about the importance of posture and it’s undeniable connection to good health.

Pilates instructors everywhere are joining the conversation. Help to bring real world solutions to a relevant and growing issue already on people’s minds.

Free tools to build awareness and grow your practice.

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Marketing Your Pilates Sessions?

It’s All About Timing…. Picture the scene, you’re in the supermarket, at the gym, at a social event. You’re introduced to a person or they approach you with the opening line, “ I hear you teach Pilates, what’s it all about? It’s easy to launch into the whole story about the history of Joseph Pilates, his internment, his flight from Germany to the US, meeting Clara his wife blahblahblah….

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What Kind Of Teacher Are You?


Big Question – there are clear definitions regarding teaching styles:

  • Formal – Authority
  • Demonstrator
  • Facilitator
  • Delegator

but within these categories are more refined descriptions – whether you fall into one or more of the groups with regard to style, you also need to think about your effectiveness.

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Christmas Pilates Instructor Gathering!!

We are looking at venues for the first PIAI Christmas social on November 27th and have two options in mind: Newgrange Lodge or a city centre venue yet to be chosen.
Can you revert with your preference ASAP?
Please share with your Pilates associates and Instructors.
Let’s arrange some carpools on the day if Newgrange Lodge is selected.

You can leave your vote HERE.